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ImmersionRC RF Power Meter V2

ImmersionRC RF Power Meter V2

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Power Level:  -20dBm up to +30dBm Calibrated Frequencies:  35, 72, 433, 868, 915, 1200, 2400, 5600-6000MHz in 50MHz steps Accuracy:  +/- …...

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ImmersionRC RF Power Meter V2Produktbeschreibung


  • Power Level: -20dBm up to +30dBm
  • Calibrated Frequencies: 35, 72, 433, 868, 915, 1200, 2400, 5600-6000MHz in 50MHz steps
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.5dB
  • Attenuator: 30dB (Internal)
  • Battery: 3.7V Lithium Ion cell, 10440 size, 600mAh
  • Current Consumption: ~35mA
  • Battery Life: ~8 hours
  • Auto Shutdown: 5 minute timeout
  • Charging: Micro USB cable
  • Display: OLED, 128×64 pixels, monochrome
  • User Input: Joystick
  • Interfaces: USB, power control via CDC
  • Antenna: 5.8GHz ‘Sniffer Antenna’ (linearly polarized ~2dBi dipole)
  • Adapter: Male to Male SMA adapter

Every FPVers Toolbox Needs One…

FPV is made possible thanks to two RF links, a control link, and a video link. Without an RF Power Meter a pilot has no way to test these critical RF links.

Test equipment for microwave (GHz) links is not cheap. ImmersionRC changed this several years ago, and provided our ‘Power Meter v1’ to the FPV community. The v2 is the result of listening to customer feedback. We added an internal battery an internal attenuator, and a few features that every FPVer needs.

Accurate RF Power Measurements

Is the latest whiz-bang hype-train vTx really as good as the datasheet claims? Does it really emit 25mW on all race channels? Does it still emit 25mW 30 minutes later?

The RF Power Meter v2 allows these questions, and many more to be answered.

Back in the early days of FPV racing ImmersionRC pioneered low-power racing, where everyone runs 25mW. This became a world-standard within a few short months, and continues to be the standard today. The Power Meter v2 gives you the measurement tool that you need to test transmitters, before you get surprised at the next race.

Touch-Free Race Compliance

Are you ready to test your video transmitter before the hammer comes out?

With the included stubby dipole, the RF Power Meter v2 is all that you need to perform a rough power test on any FPV platform, even without unscrewing it’s antenna.

Calibrate the meter on a ‘known good’ platform, and walk down the start grid testing each quad ready to race. Quads accidentally set on high power (hammer-ready), or those with hardware/cable/connector/antenna problems emitting a few micro-watts are identified before the first gate.

We call this ‘Scully Mode’ for a good reason. Joe Scully, the best FPV MC in the business, perfected this test technique to ensure successful race meets on all four corners of the globe.

PowerScope Mode

So you know that ‘packets’ of data are flowing from your R/C Tx, or Long Range system, to your model… but what if you could ‘see’ them?.

The PowerScope mode of the RF Power Meter v2 presents you with a visual representation of the power being emitted from your radio.

How fast are they packets emitted? are the multitude of antennas in your radio working? where are they? what orientation?

You can even spot transmitters which comply with LBT (listen before talk), or Duty Cycle limitations.

Yeah, it is a geek tool, but it does impress the opposite sex!

Average, or Peak Measurements

Analog Video Transmitters emit a steady stream of RF goodness. R/C Controllers emit a stream of pulsed goodness (which just happens to be heading in the opposite direction).

The RF Power Meter v2 can deliver accurate power measurements for both types of RF signals.

both types of RF signals.


Integrated Li-ion Battery

The v2 contains an integrated Lithium Ion battery, which will power the meter for at least 8 solid hours. With auto-shutdown after periods of inactivity, a single charge will power your meter for days at the race track.

Recharged using a standard micro-USB connector in less than one hour.

Bestellnummer: IRC-RFPM
EAN: 0840630182215

ImmersionRC RF Power Meter V2Kundenmeinungen

Feb 2015

ilker alcan

wenn fpv, dann ist dieses tool ein muß. habe die heftigsten überraschungen erlebt als ich diesen powermeter mal an meine sender angeschlossen hatte. z.B. foxtech ts 353 400 mw hatte 860 mw leistung. antennentest ist auch super zu machen.einfach zu bedienen. wichtig! 30 db einstellen wenn der schwarze bippus, das sich attenuator (dämpfer) nennt angesteckt ist .

Dec 2018

Wolfgang Richter

sehr gutes Produkt! Nur eine Anregung: Vielleicht koennte man noch zusaetzlich zur 5.8 GHz Snifferantenne noch eine 2.4GHz Snifferantenne beilegen zum besseren Vergleich von Fernsteuersendern.

Jan 2019

Andre Koehler

Das Gerät macht genau was es soll, ich kann damit so gut wie jede bekannte RC Frequenz von der Leistung her beurteilen. Sehr gut!

Jun 2019


Für jeden FPVler ein must have Tool.

Oct 2019

Thomas S.

Nettes Gadget. Zeigt mir an ob etwas sendet und (grob) wie stark.

Dec 2019

Siegfried Fahrner

Das PowerMeter wurde prompt und bestens verpackt geliefert. Ich habe die Genauigkeit über den gesamten Frequenzbereich mit zertifizierten Laborgeräten überprüft. Die große Überraschung: das PowerMeter ist wirklich hochgenau ! Zwischen 2.4 und 5.6GHz sollten vielleicht noch 2 Kalbrierpunkte gesetzt werden (3.5+4.6GHz). Einen kleinen Software-Mangel gibt es bei der Abfrage der aktuell gesetzten Frequenz über das USB-Interface: F(ohne Argument) setzt die Frequenz auf 35, wodurch logischerweise als Ergebnis immer 35 angezeigt wird.

Mar 2021

Remo Fontana

Für die Messung des FCC meiner Drone ist dieses Messgerät ideal.

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